About Us


The Company


RSRH Consulting, LLC is a healthcare reimbursement consulting firm that caters to rural hospitals across the country. We identify and apply effective strategies to improve our clients’ reimbursement from both government and private insurers.


The Principal


William Garry acquired extensive experience in accounting, finance and consulting during his career in public accounting and industry.

At KPMG, Certified Public Accountants, Garry's diverse client list included  manufacturers, hospitals, banks and nonprofit organizations. 


Over his career in industry, Garry worked in large publicly-traded, global companies.  As Senior Vice President and Board Member, his experience includes debt refinancing, secondary public offerings and numerous acquisitions and divestitures.


Entering the Healthcare Industry

 His introduction to healthcare began as Chief Financial Officer at a critical access hospital where he  became intimately knowledgeable with the preparation of Medicare Cost Reports. His investigation of claim payments made by Medicare Advantage Plans produced a recovery of more than $1.0 million. By revising the Hospital’s statistics in the Cost Report, Garry improved reimbursement  by more than $150,000.

At a  sole community, low-volume, PPS facility, he was successful in recovering more than $1.3 million due to improper reimbursements. By amending prior Cost Reports, he recovered more than $300,000.

Today, as a healthcare consultant, Garry's goal is to improve the profitability and cash flow of rural hospitals. Having worked with a top-tier reimbursement consulting firm both as a client and independent contractor, combined with his experience in public accounting  and industry, he has a unique and fresh perspective in healthcare analytics.

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