Maximize Reimbursement Profitability and Cash Flow



Maximize Reimbursement


Our Company specializes in reimbursement studies for rural hospitals. Healthcare executives know reimbursement practices are critical to the profitability and cash flow of their hospital. RSRH Consulting, LLC makes sure that you are getting paid properly!


By critical analyses of Medicare Cost Reports and scrutinizing claim payments against payor contracts, we identify opportunities for improved reimbursement. With our assistance, rural hospitals can maximize payments from government programs and insurance companies.


No More Surprises !

We have developed a    

Cost Report Model© that offers the ability to do "what if" analyses on assumptions regarding expense levels, days-of-care, payor mix, etc. and their impact on Medicare reimbursement. AND, it calculates the settlement with Medicare on an interim basis !


Our Fees are Based on Your Success !

We only charge a fee if we are successful in improving your reimbursement from the government or from private insurers.

And, no fee is charged if you do not implement our recommendations.

Our cost report model is hosted on the web and available on a subscription basis.